The Tea Act was an act to help West India who were in a famine and war. So the tea was discounted so it will help with the economy. The americans loved the flavor so they bought a lot. Later the cost was raised and taxes were high [tea was a VERY common drink that the americans liked].
tea_cup_small.jpgcup of tea


The British were being paid too much to buy and ship tea, so they decided to start fining Americans more than they should pay because they had low taxes. They did this so the British can have more money to do more things. The Americans couldn't buy any tea from anywhere unless it came from the British. Before the act, Benjamin Franklin wanted to stop the taxing for all of the tea prices because of East India, who were in a war and famine. The British were mad at the Americans for boycotting them, [which hurt their economy] and wanted to coerce them.


This act was an act of Parliament of Great Britain. It started on May 10, 1773. The Americans didn't like being taxed a lot, so it eventually led to the Boston Tea Party.The people in england thought that the Americans liked it because the prices went down. They didn't like it because the taxes were very high. The British were disappointed that the Americans didn't like the idea a lot even though it had lower prices. They used to take the tea from england, but it was reserved to trade from East India.


The Americans didn't like this act at all. It was one of the many acts like the stamp act, sugar act, navigation acts, etc. Since the Americans didn't like this all of the acts, they wanted to show the British that they had rights, so they eventually started the Boston Tea Party.east-india-company-influence-3.jpg


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