The Yalta Conference

The Yalta Conference was a conference between the Big Three from February 4-11 1945. The Big Three were the head government officials of the United States (President Franklin D. Roosevelt) , the United Kingdom (Prime Minister Winston Churchill), and the Soviet Union (Premier Josef Stalin). The issued the conference to discuss what would happen to the postwar Europe. The main reason that the Big Three held this conference was to talk about the re-establishment of all the countries that Germany had conquered.

Tehran Conference

The Tehran Conference, hosted by the Big Three, was held in Tehran, Iran from November 28 to December 1, 1943. This was the first World War II conference between the Big Three. This conference's purpose was to discuss the opening of a second front in Western Europe. Also, at the same time, a separate protocol pledged the three countries to recognize Iran's independence. The most important reason that they held the Tehran conference was to plan the final strategy for the war against Nazi Germany and their allies.

A newspaper article of the Tehran Conference
A newspaper article of the Tehran Conference

What Happened During the Yalta Conference

The Big Three

The Big Three (Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin) were part of the Allies of World War II. The Allies were against the Axis powers during the war. The Big Three were named that because they were the most important and powerful people in the Allies.

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What They Wanted To Get Done

There were a couple of reasons that the Big Three held the Yalta Conference. At the conference Roosevelt asked for support in the U.S. Pacific War from the Soviets against Japan. Churchill wanted democratic governments in Europe, and especially in Poland, and free elections. Stalin wanted the Soviets' political power in Eastern Europe because he said it was mandatory for their national security strategy. The Big Three also wanted to decide what to do with post-war Germany and how they were going to split it up, if they decided to. These were the main reasons that the Big Three wanted to have another conference.

What Actually Happened

At the Yalta Conference many things happened during the meeting. The Soviet Union did help the United States against Japan but unfortunatley Churchill didn't everything he had asked for. The Soviet Union was supposed to get a large portion of Poland for its territory and the rest was to be freely elected by the people. Stalin didn't hold his promise though and Poland then turned into a "puppet government". The U.S. didn't like this and couldn't trust the Stoviet Union after they did this. After this, the Soviets and the U.S. became more and more aggressive towards each other and eventually this led to the start of the Cold War.

After the Yalta Conference

After the Yalta Conference the United States, the Soviet Union, and the United Kingdom agreed to meet for another conference to decide what to do with the defeated Nazi Germany. This conference was known as the Potsdam Conference. During this conference many things were confronted and agreed to. The main results of this conference was that Germany was divided into three (or four) zones of occupation. All of these occupations were represented in Berlin because plans to break up Germany were declined. Another result was that the areas east of the Oder and Neisse Rivers were now part of the USSR and Poland. Also that the German population would be deported. Also the leading suspected war criminals were going to be tried at Nuremberg. These were the main results of the Potsdam Conference.


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