Adolf Hitler

"Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of struggle do not deserve to live". This is a quote from Adolf Hitler that meant that the people who do not want to help their country do not need to live. Adolf Hitler was an evil German who would one day lead a movement that placed supreme importance on a persons family making it a matter of life and death. Hitler one day said that if he dies then Germany shall be destroyed too.

Early life

Hitler was born on April, 20, 1889 in a small Austrian town called Braunau. Both of his parents came from very poor families and he was the 4th child of 6. When Hitler was a child he was very energetic about school especially the art. Hitler really enjoyed drawing pictures at school. Hitlers father was a very violent and cruel person. Hitlers childhood was not so great because they believe that his mother had a part in making his father be creul to him. The 4th out of 6 children seems like that you would never be lonely, but Adolf was indeed very lonely through his childhood.

Hitlers Own "Acomplishment"
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler


In 1933 Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany, but in 1934 the president of Germany died. Hitler then combined chancellor and president roles into one. So he made himself the Fuhrer of Germany. The first thing Hitler did was get the enabling act signed by the german parliament, Reichstag. If he got it signed then he could make new laws without the consent of Reichstag. He rearmed the military and made it a better one. Soon Hitler would rule Germany.


Hitler was a dictator who used terror to crush those Germans who opposed him. He and the Nazis believed that the Germans belonged to a special breed of humans, a "master race" that was supposed to be superior to all others. Jews were in the way of the German honor according to Adolf. Any jew would have to be tortured and killed. If a Nazis or Hitler saw a jew theyd either kill him/her on the spot or send them to a concentration camp even if they were a child.


In 1939 Germany invaded Poland. He started by forcing people to live in ghettos. Nazis would build up walls around the ghettos and set guards up around them so if people tried to get out they would be shot. By 1942 there were atleast 6 concentration camps. Hitler did not allow the jews to eat, so many died of starvation or diesease. Jews were sent to many different camps and were seperated from their famlies. Many people, mostly children, were set up in experiments to see if they could find out more about diseases and some of these expierements lead to death.

Hitler's Death

On April, 30, 1945 Hitler shot himself in the head with his pistol, along with his wife. He realized what he had done. He had killed millions of jews and millions of non-jews. No one could live knowing that they had done that, but Hitler didnt kill himself out of the remorse for others he did it so he wouldnt get caught. WWII was over and Hitler was dead.external image Adolf_Hitler_Stars_and_Stripes_Fuehrer_Dead.jpg Even without Hitler, nothing could be the same.


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