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The Alamo

The Battle of the Alamo is an extremely important battle of the texas revolution. When the American Texans settled into the Texas territory there were Mexicans living there, and all of the Mexicans were driven out by the American Texan settlers. The battle occured on march 6 early in the morning. The Mexicans lead out on their expedition to fight the American army face to face, and the Mexican army was much smaller than the American army. The origional building called the Alamo was kind of their fort against the Americans, and were able to fend off two waves, but not a third. At the end of this brutal battle people claim that their was an estimated 400-600 Mexicans dead, or injured. Only about 127 American Texans lay dead or injured on the battle ground of the Alamo.

How it began

When the Americans were starting to get stronger and stronger they needed to expand their country as more people were moving there. Their army was getting bigger and was winning more wars and battles against their enemies. They had no idea that their country was much larger than they could have thought. Then they figured out that Texas was there, and would make their country much larger if they had taken it over. So American settlers started moving into the Texas territory, but there were already Mexicans living there. The American army decided to not give this land up so decided to take over Texas. The Mexicans were not going to give up their land easily so they decided to fight the Americans. When the Mexican army who really did not have a chance decided to fight the Americans this is what lead to the battle of the Alamo.

Whats Happening

The Mexicans wanted their independence from Spain and so they had a war over it and eventually earned their freedom from Spain. They called themselves Mexicans and lived in the current Texas region. More and more Americans started going through Texas and did buisness with the people of Texas. Eventually there were so many Americans in Texas that some of the Mexicans started to call themselves Americans.
The president of Mexico named Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna did not like his people calling themselves Americans, and started to get really irritated. A representitive from America came to discuss the situation with Santa Anna and instead of listening to the representitive from America Santa Anna just threw him in jail for 2 years. Santa Anna was extremely angry and decided to attack the newly revolting Texans. The Texans were origionally Mexicans but decided to try and gain their independence from Mexico.
Santa Anna decided to go to war with the Texans and try to put things back to the way they were. One of the battles was against a rather small group of Texans, and the Texans who were completally out numbered decided to stay and fight. The Texans took refuge in a church when the Mexicans started to move in. This church they were in was the Alamo and this battle was the battle of the Alamo.
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The End of It All

The battle of the Alamo was one of the most famous battles in American and Mexican history that will never be foregotten. Many brave Texans died for fighting for what they believed in. Davy Crockett was one of many brave ones who died. At the end of this battle about 400 Texans lay dead, which was mostly their entire army, but 1100 Mexicans were killed by the Texan force. So the Texans really won the battle of the Alamo instead of the Mexicans. The Texans fought off the Mexicans for a total of 13 days, and it took 10 for them to get inside of the Alamo.