In World War 1 there were 40 million deaths. It was mainly fought in Europe near France and Germany. In this war there were many Allies fighting the Fascist and the Nazis. If these Allies weren't present the Axis would have won the war easily.
The allies spread all over the world.

Before the Allies

Before the war started there were some conflicts. The assassination of a famous Bosnian, which was extremely complicated. This started the war because for some reason this started a lot of corruption in Europe. Before anyone knew it everyone declared war on each other and it was a huge mess. The Germans were the biggest threat to all of Europe. Therefore most other European nations Formed an alliance.

The War and the Allies

The Main Allies

The main Allies of the war were The Russians, the French, The Italians, The British, and the Americans. These nations were all furious with the Germans for trying to take over the entire world. Even though these nations were mainly recognized other smaller nation brought in small amounts of soldiers which helped the Allies defeat the Axis.external image bp-ww1-poster.jpg

How The War Was Going

The war was going mainly towards the Nazis. They were tearing up the Europeans to pieces. The Nazi war machine couldn't be stopped unless the Allies joined together. There were 23 total allies fighting the bad guys and they all contributed greatly. If the Allies weren't there the war would have ended within a few months.

How The Allies Were Doing

The Allies were doing great. They would meet up at battles in a big group and outnumber the Nazis. The combined power of the Allies really frustrated the Nazis. All of the Allies weapons, supplies, and men were almost unbeatable. None of the big battles would have been won without this great alliance.


Thanks to the Allies the war was won. All of the Allies, although they probably didn't, should have gotten an award for bravery. If the Allies weren't fighting the war would have had a hugely different outcome and the World wouldn't have been the same. So, if you ever think about the Allies remember them as Heroic!


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