The amendments were created to protect the rights of the people so they wouldn't be like Britain. The amendments were apart of the constitution and the first ten are called the bill of rights. The amendments deal with the courts and the property.The amendments can change and you can't get rid of a amendment.

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How the Amendments were created

Congress that realized that the ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION wasn't working had many holes.Then congress made the constitution even though they were supposed to change up the ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION. When they made the CONSTITUTION they still needed to protect the rights of the people . Then they made the bill of rights the first ten amendments which protected people from seziure of things. Then it protected people in court and property.

The Amendments and What they are About

The Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights is the first ten amendments that are about the peoples rights. The first amendment was about the public and their freedom of speech without the power of the government over them. The second shows the right to have arms(guns)with the thought of self defense. The third goes against an old british way of saving money, the british would quarter soldier even when their was their was no war , to save money and make sure that the citizens would not start a rebellion. the forth explains that you need a warent to search peoples papers , houses , and ect. The 5th through 8th amendment protects people in court . The 9th and the 10th amendment limit both governments.

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The Amendment Timeline

The Bill of Rights was passed by congress in Sep 25,1789 and was ratified in Dec 15, 1791, amendment 11 was passed in Feb 7,1795, the 12th June 15, 1804, and the 13 the amendment was passed in Dec 6, 1865 ,and the 14th amendment was passed in July 9,1868, the 15th amendment was passed in Feb 3, 1870, the 16th amendment was passed in Feb 3, 1913. The 17th amendment was passed in April 8, 1913, the 18th amendment was passed in Jan 16, 1919, the 19th amendment was passed in Aug 18, 1920, the 20th amendment was passed in Jan 23, 1933. The 21st amendment was passed in Dec 5, 1933, The 22nd amendment was passed in Feb 27, 1951, the 23rd amendment was passed in March 23, 1964. The 24th amendment was passed in Jan 23,1964, the 25th amendment was passed in Feb 10, 1967, the 26th amendment was passed in June 30, 1971 , and the 27th amendment was passed in may 7, 1992.

The 13th Amendment

The 13th amendment talks about slavery. The 13th amendment was signed in Dec 6,1865. President Lincoln signed this amendment to let the slaves go. slavery was a very important topic in those times and started the civil war.


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