Statue of Vespucci,at the Uffiz in Florence,Italy
Amerigo Vespucci

Amerigo Vespucci was a famous explorer and cartographer(map maker),he was the first person to demonstrate that the New World Christopher Columbus discovered wasn't the eastern part of Aisa,but what is known as present-day North and South America.

Early Life

Amerigo Vespucci was born on March 9,1454 in Florence,Italy.Amerigo Vespucci worked for Lorenzo de' Medicil and his brother Gionvanni, in 1492 they sent him to work for their angency in Spain. In 1508,after two voyages to America,a position of cheif navigation of Spain was created for Vespucci,he was responsible for planning voyages across the ocean.During his voyages he wrote two letters,they were found later after his death. Many people think that his first voyage was done in June of 1497 with Juan de la Cosa.From the letters that was found,that was the first time the European public had learned about the newly found continent called America,which was the Latinized version of his name,Americus Vespucius.


Vespucci's First Voyage

Vespucci's first voyage,according to historians and letters that were found,was some time in 1497 which was probably organized by King Ferdinand.The Captin for Vespucci's first voyage was Vicente Yañez Pinzón and maybe Juan de la Cosa. According to one of Vespucci's letters, they reached about 16 ° latitude,which is around present-day Colombia and La Guajira.After returning to Spain ,Vespucci wrrote lettters about that voyage and that's when Cuba was officially proclaimed an island.

Vespucci's Second Voyage

Vespucci's second voyage was with the service of Spain, with Alonso de Ojeda. Their intetions were to sail around the southern tip of Africa into the Indian Ocean.After hitting land,now known as Guyana,they went seprate ways. Vespucci went south toward the Amazon River,6°S before turning around.

Vespucci's Third Voyage

Vespucci's third and final voyage leaving form Lisbon,was lead by Goncalo Coelho in 1499-1500.The sailed to present day Brazil,and along the coast of South America to Rio de Janerio's bay.Archilologiest discovers letter supposedly written to numerous people from Vespucci,while on his voyages.Vespucci died on February 22,1512 in Spain of Malaria.

Vespucci's Voyage
Vespucci's Voyage

Naming of America

German cartographer, Martin Waldseemüller first created a drawn map of the world with the Americas on it, Cosmographiae Introductio,a book,which first mentioned the name America.America originilizes from the Latin fourm of Vespucci's latinized name,Americus Vespucius,according to historians Vespucci was,along with others,the one who discovered the other parts of Noth America and South America.America comes from the feminine form of Amerigo,like all other continents have feminine Latin names.


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