Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson was our seventh president and he was born in the backwoods settlement in 1767. He had really education for his school years, his late teens he was reading law. Then latter on he became an outstanding layer in Tennessee. A ton of people were getting jealous of him, because of this he got into fights, duels, and a lot of other stuff. He even killed a men because he was trying stuff on his wife Rachel. He is also on the two dollar and twenty dollars bill and the military governor of Florida.

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Early life and jobs

Andrew Jackson was born to the Presbyterian Scot-Irish immigrants. His parents were Andrew and Elizabeth Jackson. Andrew was born on March 15, 1767. His father was a logger and died in a logging accident a few weeks before he was even born. His mother was a very strong independent woman. When Andrew was the third born in his family and his mother was still able to raise him and his two other brothers in one her sisters homes in South Carolina.

Andrew's first job was being a courier in the Revolutionary War when he was only thirteen years old. All three of the Jacksons were fighting, both of his brothers and his mother died during the war and Andrew was an only child and an orphan at 14. in 1781 he spent the next year and a half living with other relatives and was an apprentice to a saddle maker. After that he went to go teach school and study law in Salisbury, North Carolina. In 1787 he went to Jonesboro. There is where he practices law.

Andrew Jackson's Career

Andrew Jackson's first major career

Andrew Jackson's first major career was being a political officer for the superior court in Nashville TN. Then sometime in 1796 Tennessee broke off from NC and became the 16th state, and then Andrew Jackson became the first Congress man of the new state. Then in the next year he became the senator. He still only had the position for one term, and after that term was up he headed home for six years and was on the Supreme Court for that time.

Andrew Jackson's life with Politics

Andrew Jackson Started his life with politics in Tennessee as the first congressmen of the new state and he did a really good job at that. Then a year latter he was made the new Senator of the Democratic-Republicans and he kept that job for about a year. After that he resigned as the senator and became a judge for the supreme court. He stayed in the supreme court until 1804 and while he was there he was elected the commander of the state militia in 1801. Once all this was done, he retired and went to live on a farm with his wife.

Andrew Jackson's life after politics

In 1837 Andrew Jackson retired from law "for good" and moved to home near Nashville with his wife Rachel. His house in Nashville was called the The Hermitage, at first it was a shack, but when he retired he made it a giant house. Even though he was retired he was still behind the scenes and was giving orders without his enemys knowing. The biggest thing in retirement that I think he did was being the successor Martin Van Buren.

Andrew Jackson's life in retirement

Andrew Jackson was about 70 or so when he finally retired for good and went back to the Hermitage. Once he was back there his house became a place where family and friends could kick back, and relax. He also wanted to put some religion in the house because in 1838 he joined the Presbyterian Church.
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