Ferdinand Magellan

Megellan was born in Spring of 1480 in Spain. He was born in Oporto, which is a town near Portugal. In Portugal, his name was Fernao Magallhes. He found a way to get from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, and Charles V financed Magellan's expediition.

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Magellan's parents were Ald de Mesquita and Rui de Megelhes. He had one brother and one sister. As a child, he was interested in both astronomy and geometry. Unfortunately, both of his parents died when Magellan was only ten years old. After that, he lived alone for two years. Later he worked for King John as a page boy and was educated with his cousin.

Trip around the world

About his voyage

Magellan left for his voyage on September 20, 1519. That was the date he set sail for Sanluar, Spain. He had 5 ships and 237 men. He stoped in the Canary Island. Then later they left to go to Brazil. Once in Brazil they stopped there and rested. After they rested, the group traveled southward to the coast of South America. This whole time they where looking for a passage to get to the west.

During his voyage

During Magellan's voyage their was a very big storm. One of the ships sank. This scared the soilders so much that they where asking Magellan if they could turn around. But Magellan said no. This made some of the sailors mad and they where about to rebell, but Magellan found out about this and stopped the rebellion. Then as a punishment he killed the man who had started it and sailed on. Later when they had reached South America, they where going to sail between the end of South America and a small island called Tierra del Fuego. They came upon another storm worse then the first one so one ship left to sail home. The bad thing about this was that ship had most of the supplies. The 3 remaining ships had to battle fierce winds but once they got out, they reached a very large, calm body of water. They called it the Pacific Ocean because Pacific means peaceful. Once they where in the Pacific Ocean, Magellan pointed west and they set sail. After they had sailed west for a while, they got very disappointed because all they had seen was 2 islands with no people on them. Since the other ship that had left during the storm had most of the supplies on it, they where starting to run out. The sailors ran out of food and were so hungry that they ate rats that they caught on the ship. Soon many sailors where dead. Finally the ships made it to Guam where the got more food. They kept on sailing until they finally stopped on an island where they got in a fight and Magellan was killed.

Once Magellan had died

They crew wandered around the Indies for a long time. Two more ships where lost. The only ship that remained was the Victoria. The Victoria, with a crew of only 17 men who had survived, sailed through the Indian Ocean and around the end of Africa to finially get back home to Sanlucar, Spain. Everyone was very happy to step back onto Ppanish soil. This voyage had taken over 3 years. The reason why we remeber it is because this was the first time in history that anyone had sailed around the earth. People say that this was one of the greatest voyages of all time. This voyage did not give Spain any benefits because the trip from Spain to Asia was so dangerous and expensive.

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Magellans death

Magellan died in the middle of his voyage around the world. He was sailing through the Philippine Islands when they got in a fight with the local warriers. That was when Magellan was killed. This was very tragic because Magellan was the captain of this whole trip. Once he died, no one was in charge of his crew. His crew had no idea what to do and two more of the ships disappeared.

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