The twelfth amendment

The twelfth amendment was created in 1804. The twelfth amendment corrects a problem that has shown up in a election of the two canidates for president. This amendment provides for the electoral college to use separate ballots in voting for president and vice president. They used a system that the winner of the presidential election would be the president and the person with the second highest amount of votes would be vice president so there would be four people running for president than two people running. Today presidents pick their running mate (vice president) because the old system had some problems because the vice president might not like the president because he lost the election to the president.

Who proposed the twelfth amenment.

Congress proposed the amendment to the house of representives having already passed the senate. It was not signed until December 12, 1803.It was ratified about June 15, 1804. This amendment was proposed when Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton were running for president in the election of 1800. The two people running for president were Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. The two people running for vice president were Thomas Jefferson's vice president was Aaron Burr and John Adams' vice president was Charles Pickney. Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr won the election.

This a picture of the ratfication document.
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What it meant.

The electors shall meet in their respective state and vote by ballot on the president and vice-president. Each president
would be able to pick their vice-president rather than the old system that your vice-president use to be your opponet. It took congress the first time they saw the document they ratified it.

How long it has survived.

This amendment has survived and is still in use today. Today we pick our vice-presidents we would not be able to do that. Our vice-president would would be the runner up. which could cause some problems.